Friday, November 11, 2011

Knock Off and Bootleg He-Man Style Figures

So last summer I became interested in collecting all those copy-cat figures designed to look like Masters of the Universe figures. The were made by tons of different companies in a wide range of quality, and I remember seeing them in store well into the 2000's.

I figured this would be a lot easier than it turned out being. By collecting this type of toy I've sort of discovered two things.

First, a bunch of bitter, paranoid, vulture-like collectors live in my area. When you ask if people have a toy that they previously ignored they immediately become suspicious of you, or begin hoarding it themselves.

The second thing I discovered was an excellent online community of people NOT from the Buffalo area that collect lesser-known toys, including Knock offs and Bootlegs. Most of the collection below was gotten via trades with these guys, and shipped to me from all over the place.

So the figures below are from several different lines. I've pared down my collection recently, and am only actively collection figures from a few of these lines.

My collection so far (click of photos to enlarge)

Defenders of the Planets:

 Zardoom, Zardoom

 Weapons Master, Orion

  Quasar, Canis Major

Lost World of the Warlord:

Warlord, Arak

 Hercules, Mikola


Warrior Beasts:

 Guana, Gecko

 Hydraz, Stegos

 Zardus, Snakeman

Galaxy Warriors/Fighters:
 Anubi, Sahak

 Mace Ape, Baltard

 Iguana, Daton


 Magnon, Dragoon

(Unknown Wrestling guy), Ygg

Combo Hero

 Hulka, The Evil

Eagle Man
Guerreros Kamalion:

 Black Bat, Blackbird

Andross Red, Blue Warrior


Cheap Mexican Bootlegs:

 Skeletor, Skeletor

 Triclops, Merman



 Spikes, Unicorna

 Bengali, Panthro

 Dragoon, Sahak


Satana , Kamalion/Snakeman Hybrid


 Battle Cat


  1. Fantastic collection! Awesome blog I love it! Greetings from polish GIRL - figures collector :) - Ewelina G :)

  2. Nice figures. Found this website you might be interested in: