Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Dunny are similar to Qee, and while they are not as old as Qee they have pretty much bumped Qee out of the US market. They are made by Kid Robot, a toy and clothing store based out of New York.

I own only a few of these, most of which I bought during a visit to the Kid Robot store in Soho. I will most likely never purchase more of these, but I do like the ones I have.

Here is my collection so far (click to enlarge images):

The Muppets

I'm a lifelong Muppets fan, so when Palisades released their Muppets action figure line years ago I was very excited. I collected many of them as they came out, but my finances at the time didn't allow me to pick them all up when I found them, so I've been slowly filling in the gaps over the year via online auction.

Each figure came with a ton of accessories, and there are many very detailed playsets. I own several of the sets, and will upload photos of those in time. Palisades did such a great job with these, right down to the textures on the Muppets' faces. 

My collection so far (click to enlarge photos):

 Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog

 Sam the Eagle and Fozzie Bear

 Rizzo the Rat, Camilla and Gonzo the Great

 Statler and Waldorf

 Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker

 Link Hogthrob and Dr. Julius Strangepork

 Muppet Newsman and Crazy Harry

 Animal and The Swedish Chef

 Janice and Zoot

 Floyd Pepper and Dr. Teeth


Masters of the Universe Classics

 CAUTION: This is out of date. I'll get it back up to date shortly!

So Masters of the Universe Classics is an online-only toy line from Mattel. It attempts to create a comprehensive line of Masters figures using ideas from all the preexisting Masters and related series. That's essentially four TV shows, four toy lines, various comic books and magazines, as well as unreleased concept documents and new ideas as well.

It's a massive line, and the figures are absolutely gorgeous. It's seriously my favorite toy line right now, and I'd probably sell off every other toy I own before stopping this collection.

I get between 1-3 new figures every month in the mail through my subscription. Again, I can't stress enough how sweet these are. I have been a He-Man fan all of my life, and this line feels like the culmination of that love for the property.

While I will collect most everything to do with this line, and do have plenty of variants and doubles of characters with interchangeable parts, I am avoiding vehicles for space reasons, and am considering giving up non-specific larger figures like the recent Griffin figure (which I have, but haven't opened yet).

Here is my collection so far (click for larger images):

Toys R Us He-Man

 Battle Armor He-Man

Thunder-Punch He-Man

 Preternian Disguise He-Man

 Prince Adam


Toys R Us Skeletor

Battle Armor Skeletor

Skeletor with Alcala head (holding SDCC exclusive head)

 Dragon Blaster Skeletor



Bubble Power She-Ra

Princess Adora


Hurricane Hordak


Battleground Teela


Snake Man-At-Arms

Evil Lyn

Battleground Evil Lyn


Toys R Us Zodac


 Moss Man





Shadow Weaver


 The Goddess


 Spout Snout



 Jewel Star

 The Sorceress

 Temple of Darkness Sorceress
King Randor

 Eternos Palace King Randor

 Captain Marlena Glenn

 Queen Marlena

King Grayskull

 Horde Prime


 Count Marzo

 Chief Carnivus




Toys R Us Mer-Man

 Faceless One


 Draego Man

Slush Head


 The Mighty Spector



 Fearless Photog




 Beast Man







 Cobra Kahn

 Scare Glow



 King Hissss

 Flip Shot


 Sir Laser-Lot



 Castle Grayskull Man



"Space Ace" Vykron (armor on a Prince Adam figure)

 "Tank Top" Vykron (armor on a He-Man figure)

 Palace Guard Set One

 Palace Guards Set Two

 Snake Men




 Shadow Beast







 Zoar and Sorceress's Bird Form

Glory Bird and Screech

 Air Raider