Friday, October 28, 2011

Disney Vinylmation

Disney Vinylmation

My wife and I discovered these on a trip. We stopped into a shopping mall that had a Disney Store. Having been Qee fans for a long time these were right up our alley.

We later purchased a whole set of Muppets, a couple loose disney figures, and two large 8" figure packs based on to of our favorite Disney films.

My collection so far (click on images to enlarge):
Doormouse and 8" Mad Hatter, 8" Horned King and Gergie
Statler, Beaker, Waldorf, Bunsen Honeydew
Fozzie, Rowlf, Miss Piggy, Rizzo
Dr. Teeth, Sweetums, Bean Bunny, Swedish Chef
 Squid, Skeleton Pirate from the Park Starz line

Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Qee (pronounced "Key") are little keychain toys that are designed and decorated by various artists from all over the world. They were one of the first "designer" toys to mak it big, and were also the first toy my wife and I began to collect together.

Qee are still being made, however they have become harder to get in the USA, and are mostly based on licensed properties or brands now. Lame.

Anyway, I do pick up a new few just about every year. Under the pictures will be the name and number of each figure. If you are interested in the artist names, I would google the name and number of the figure.

My collection so far (click on images to enlarge):

2 1/1" Qee

(901)Xbox 360, (902)Xbox Live, (859)Starbucks John, (861)Starbucks Vincent
(???)Fable II Hobbe, (074)Mini Black Dog, (075)Mini White Dog
(???)Devo, (260)Parka Cat, (124)Evil Cat, (???) ???
(531)Torbjorn The Boatman, (903)Snowman Red Scarf, (573)Tiger, (487)Janik
(643)Asteria Hunter X, (485)DoGgy DoGgy, (266)Soccerhead, (???)???
(028)Film Bear, (486)a-Qeerius, (306)Acid, (571)Tiki Qee
(160)Shaolin Kung Fu Cat S, (268)Barcode, (159)Santokatze S, (345)Robot Dog S
(492)Aooni, (130)Killer Cat, (659)SinCity Bear, (311)X-Ray Black
(377)Shaolin Dog, (514)So Qee, (301)Jigsaw Blue, (471)Oki
(524)Mother Loves Toyer, (332)Melt-Kun, (270)Poopdog, (315)Night City
(???)???, (286)UnderBear, (520)Naked Evil Ape, (322)Visible Dog
(242)Osaka Chakara, (152)Ultra Bear S, (271)Mystic, (257)Porkun
(656)Anasazi Qee, (483)Remdawg Junior, (642)Mechanie, (175)Black Tee Toyer
(150)Star Invader Toyer, (027)Blood Dog, (046)Panda #1 Zipper, (007)Beat Up
(1045)BCN Bunee, (1044)BCN Bear, (104)BCN Cat, (562)Qee Card King
(978)Toxic Swamp Dog Orange, (973)Toxic Swamp Bear Blue, (947)Spacebot #88, (943) Spacebot #68
(372)Pirate Bear, (379)Cage Match Cat, (378)Robot Dog, (373)Chopper Bear
(375)Bling Bling Bear, (380)Sir Catalot, (371)Yo! Jumpsuit Teddy, (374)Racer Bear
(212)Heroic R Bear, (213)Heroic R Cat, (409)Amor de Fuego, (408)Spherical
(476)Little James - Pink, (478)Little James - Black, (131)Emonstar Bear, (162)Emonstar Bear S
(310)Cheshire, (342)Cheshire - Green, (123)Angel Bear, (154)Angel Bear S
(???)???, (343)UM - Green, (316)UM, (???)???
(426)Mon Qee-Playlab, (430)Mo Qee- Toy2r, (426)Mon Qee - Green, (641)Venus Fly Trap
(210)Sheriff, (207)Pirate, (208)Captain, (209)India Hero
(032)White Soldier, (033)Black Soldier, (043)Harry Girl, (044)Harry Boy
(850)Hellboy, (851)Abe, (511)Pharaoh Dog Clear, (513)Egyptian Cat
(525)Mummy's Boy, (176)Cholo Egg, (418)Fang Wolf Red, (???)Bart

8" Qee

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 CAUTION: Very out of date. Will be updating soon!


I've always been a Godzilla fan of sorts, but only the last couple years have I started to accumulate toys from it. First a couple of the import toys from my favorite film, "Godzilla vs. Megalon", and then last year a bunch of the Trendmasters stuff.

After giving my 4" Trendmasters collection to my future brother-in-law recently I've decided to keep to the classic 6-7" vinyl figures, as made by Bandai and a few others, as well as a few odd bootlegs here and there. There are still several important monsters I don't yet have, and because of cost I can't go crazy with these, but I'm happy to get them when I can.

My collection so far (click on images to enlarge):

 Large Imperial Godzilla

 A Trendmasters Biollante figure I recently picked up. It's not quite to scale, a little too small, but it looks cool and it has a button that makes it growl.

King Caesar, the only mammal Godzilla character, one of the few undeniable "good guys", and pretty much one of the most often forgotten. Fortunately for me he appeared on ebay at a pretty decent price because usually his figure is way beyond my budget.

 A big, awesome purple bootleg Gigan figure. The complete coolness of the figure can only be understood in person I'm sorry to say. I had no idea how cool it was until it arrived.

Double Dragon

Double Dragon

This is a line of figures that I initially picked up cheaply at a flea market, then tried to trade, then slowly grew to like a lot. I'm fairly close to having all the characters, and while seriously lacking their accessories and weapons I still hold out hope that they'll turn up somewhere.

My collection so far:

 Jimmy Lee, Billy Lee

 Vortex, Blaster

 Trigger Happy, Sickle

 Shadow Master

Shadow Raven Vehicle

The Other World

The Other World
Arco Toys

The Other World is a series of small, bendable little figures. Initially I was not a big fan of these figures, however over the last year they have grown on me. I actually had Gaifond and Froggacuda figures that I bought cheap at a flea market and sold on ebay, a move which I regret now that I'm collecting them and still have no Froggacuda.

Because these are small and bendy the two biggest problems I have in collecting them are limb-wire breakage (there is a wire armature inside the rubber, like Gumby, that can snap) and loss of the little accessories.

I've had some success finding and trading for these guys lately. It really is one of my top three toylines right now, strangely enough. I have multiples of many of the figures, and a large load of weapons that aren't seen below. I hope to one day be able to set up a big battle scene with these guys.

Also, in Italy this line is called "Cosmocrass", which is sooooo much cooler than "The Other World".

My Collection right now (Click to enlarge photos):

 Ronin, The Hero light and dark colors

 Raidy, King of the Jips and General Ess Gee, The Commander

 Zendo, Evil king of the Mogs and Hondu the Hatchetman

 Weapons Master, Zendo's Defender and Skitzo, The Maniac

Kreena, The Princess

 A Jip and a Mog

Lavaman, the Cave Creature

 Froggacuda, Monster of the Red Lake

 Kontory, Flying Beast of Prey

 Gaifand, 2-Headed Dragon

Antor the Stinger

 Sir Cobra the Strangler

 Yurus the Terrible



 Moc the Rock Thrower (missing rock throwing apparatus)

A boxed Battle For The Pir'Ankus set.

Complete unassembled Castle Zendo playset