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Qee (pronounced "Key") are little keychain toys that are designed and decorated by various artists from all over the world. They were one of the first "designer" toys to mak it big, and were also the first toy my wife and I began to collect together.

Qee are still being made, however they have become harder to get in the USA, and are mostly based on licensed properties or brands now. Lame.

Anyway, I do pick up a new few just about every year. Under the pictures will be the name and number of each figure. If you are interested in the artist names, I would google the name and number of the figure.

My collection so far (click on images to enlarge):

2 1/1" Qee

(901)Xbox 360, (902)Xbox Live, (859)Starbucks John, (861)Starbucks Vincent
(???)Fable II Hobbe, (074)Mini Black Dog, (075)Mini White Dog
(???)Devo, (260)Parka Cat, (124)Evil Cat, (???) ???
(531)Torbjorn The Boatman, (903)Snowman Red Scarf, (573)Tiger, (487)Janik
(643)Asteria Hunter X, (485)DoGgy DoGgy, (266)Soccerhead, (???)???
(028)Film Bear, (486)a-Qeerius, (306)Acid, (571)Tiki Qee
(160)Shaolin Kung Fu Cat S, (268)Barcode, (159)Santokatze S, (345)Robot Dog S
(492)Aooni, (130)Killer Cat, (659)SinCity Bear, (311)X-Ray Black
(377)Shaolin Dog, (514)So Qee, (301)Jigsaw Blue, (471)Oki
(524)Mother Loves Toyer, (332)Melt-Kun, (270)Poopdog, (315)Night City
(???)???, (286)UnderBear, (520)Naked Evil Ape, (322)Visible Dog
(242)Osaka Chakara, (152)Ultra Bear S, (271)Mystic, (257)Porkun
(656)Anasazi Qee, (483)Remdawg Junior, (642)Mechanie, (175)Black Tee Toyer
(150)Star Invader Toyer, (027)Blood Dog, (046)Panda #1 Zipper, (007)Beat Up
(1045)BCN Bunee, (1044)BCN Bear, (104)BCN Cat, (562)Qee Card King
(978)Toxic Swamp Dog Orange, (973)Toxic Swamp Bear Blue, (947)Spacebot #88, (943) Spacebot #68
(372)Pirate Bear, (379)Cage Match Cat, (378)Robot Dog, (373)Chopper Bear
(375)Bling Bling Bear, (380)Sir Catalot, (371)Yo! Jumpsuit Teddy, (374)Racer Bear
(212)Heroic R Bear, (213)Heroic R Cat, (409)Amor de Fuego, (408)Spherical
(476)Little James - Pink, (478)Little James - Black, (131)Emonstar Bear, (162)Emonstar Bear S
(310)Cheshire, (342)Cheshire - Green, (123)Angel Bear, (154)Angel Bear S
(???)???, (343)UM - Green, (316)UM, (???)???
(426)Mon Qee-Playlab, (430)Mo Qee- Toy2r, (426)Mon Qee - Green, (641)Venus Fly Trap
(210)Sheriff, (207)Pirate, (208)Captain, (209)India Hero
(032)White Soldier, (033)Black Soldier, (043)Harry Girl, (044)Harry Boy
(850)Hellboy, (851)Abe, (511)Pharaoh Dog Clear, (513)Egyptian Cat
(525)Mummy's Boy, (176)Cholo Egg, (418)Fang Wolf Red, (???)Bart

8" Qee

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