Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Other World

The Other World
Arco Toys

The Other World is a series of small, bendable little figures. Initially I was not a big fan of these figures, however over the last year they have grown on me. I actually had Gaifond and Froggacuda figures that I bought cheap at a flea market and sold on ebay, a move which I regret now that I'm collecting them and still have no Froggacuda.

Because these are small and bendy the two biggest problems I have in collecting them are limb-wire breakage (there is a wire armature inside the rubber, like Gumby, that can snap) and loss of the little accessories.

I've had some success finding and trading for these guys lately. It really is one of my top three toylines right now, strangely enough. I have multiples of many of the figures, and a large load of weapons that aren't seen below. I hope to one day be able to set up a big battle scene with these guys.

Also, in Italy this line is called "Cosmocrass", which is sooooo much cooler than "The Other World".

My Collection right now (Click to enlarge photos):

 Ronin, The Hero light and dark colors

 Raidy, King of the Jips and General Ess Gee, The Commander

 Zendo, Evil king of the Mogs and Hondu the Hatchetman

 Weapons Master, Zendo's Defender and Skitzo, The Maniac

Kreena, The Princess

 A Jip and a Mog

Lavaman, the Cave Creature

 Froggacuda, Monster of the Red Lake

 Kontory, Flying Beast of Prey

 Gaifand, 2-Headed Dragon

Antor the Stinger

 Sir Cobra the Strangler

 Yurus the Terrible



 Moc the Rock Thrower (missing rock throwing apparatus)

A boxed Battle For The Pir'Ankus set.

Complete unassembled Castle Zendo playset

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  1. hello, I too am passionate about this series. I have it all except the castle. listen i read that hsi moltisdime weapons. in this regard me je would you sell a dozen that I have very few? I have nothing or almost to be netted in the hands of my characters. Let me know ... thanks and bye.