Friday, August 10, 2012

Super Hero Knock-Offs

My love of knock-off figures and my life-long love of comics meet nicely with this collection.

It's pretty easy to find junky super hero knock-offs, so I sometimes pass over some because they lack a certain something. It's hard to say what makes a specific figure a buy or not for me. I just know what I like when I see it.

Anyway, Batman is probably the most common figure I buy, so while there are other characters, there's a lot more Batman than anything else.

My Collection So Far:

A fun note, all four of these figures have little light bulbs in their chests!

Superman, Batman and Spider-Man were all in a single pack along with two Power Rangers knock-offs. The Spider-Man figure uses the same body as the Power Rangers, and if you look close enough you can see that his head is shaped like a helmet, and not like a head.

I also enjoy Superman's neck beard, which is very high-fashion.

I really want to find the Spider-Man and Robin "Super Powers" figures. I guess I don't know for sure that they exist, but I have a hunch. 

The Bat Hero figures are made of a very soft, flimsy rubber, and the glue that connects their capes has become little more than a slightly oozy sticky substance. it only keeps their capes connected for minutes at a time, but it certainly is all over their backs.  

Mr. Sinister seems like a strange choice for a bootleg X-Men villain, however other than perhaps Magneto and Sabretooth I don't know who else you could make that would use so simple a body. I just enjoy that he looks so uncomfortable. 

Brave-Man actually looks like a well put together bootleg, however I don't think I want to open him to find out how well made he actually is.


  1. That Robin is awesome. Looks like a He man knock off repurposed into a superhero.

  2. Ha, he actually is! If you check out my Knockoffs collection under the line "Guerreros Kamalion" (which I have to post a picture of the cardbacks for), you'll see that he was sold in that line too, but without a cape.