Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update: 8/21

Since people are apparently finding my collection blog here, AND since I've started getting emails about certain things, I thought I'd post occasional thoughts and update notifications.

Today I updated my Super-Hero Knockoffs with some more Batman love and a Superman with very impressive facial hair, so check that out.

I'd also like to comment on the Nerfuls collection. That collection took a long time to hunt down. I don't want to sound arrogant about it, but all the information you find about Nerfuls online was mostly drawn from my Nerfuls.com website which I pulled down when enough people had taken and copied the info and pictures so as to make it irrelevant.

Time changes everything, and Nerfuls collecting is no exception. I think, in part because I threw the information out there that had pretty much existed nowhere before, demand for these figures has increased drastically. Ebay prices for figures are crazy now in comparison to what they were when I started, and that's because there seems to be a lot more people collecting. And as a result of this increased collecting audience those coming into this line now, or even in the last couple of years, want these rare series two figures. And I don't blame them, because they're sweet.

The problem there is that, unlike many toys for many lines, they're not really available. You can look at Nerfuls auctions on ebay all year long and never see a glimpse of one. The very few that exist are pretty much in the hands of collectors like me and those hands are reluctant to open. I don't think anyone who has bought a rare in the last five years has done so with the intent of selling it or making some money off of it. I could be wrong, but my sense is that the people who collect these do so because they have a genuine affection for them.

Such is the case with my own. Probably six years ago or so I was fortunate enough to pick up a number of rares from Jen K, a collector and daughter of a former Parker Bros. employee. A few of those were sold to a fellow collector, one was given to Bonnie Zacherle (creator of the Nerfuls), and one to a friend of mine. The rest have remained in my collection since. Besides a Princess Deb that appeared shortly after on Ebay (that I did not win), I have not seen series two Nerful publicly for sale since, and I do check on a regular basis.

The reason I bring this up is because recently I've been receiving email requests, both for my own series two Nerfuls and for information on where to buy them.

The short answer to the second question is that there's really nowhere to buy them. You have to find a collector and hope they're willing to sell.

As to my own, I am not looking to sell them. I do imagine, however, that there is some price at which I would sell them. I don't know what that price would be, but I imagine it would be very high. I know that, realistically, if I sell the ones I have then I'll probably never have them again. With all the time I've spent learning about and hunting down these little guys it'll take something really compelling to get me to part with them.

So, if you feel like you want to try and buy them from me, please just email me an offer instead of asking if they're for sale, or what I want for them, because I always find myself at a loss as to how to respond. The worst I will say is no.


  1. I'm interested in acquiring more of the newer Heman style knock off figures. if you ever find yourself with duplicates I would be interested in buying or trading for them. I'm working on adding a list to my blog of items I have that I'm willing to trade but its a slow process.

  2. Are you talking about things like Fuerza T and the upcoming Warlords and Warriors?

    1. well pretty much any of the more deformed looking guys. I guess in my case the cheaper and sloppier looking the better.I think Fuerza T is well beyond what im looking for quality wise in a bootleg/knock off. Things like that Robin or the Mexican Orko are good examples of what im looking for.

  3. Hi. Ive come across a 1985 Nerfuls Round Town Camper. Its in the box still. All packaged up. Still has all the tags and what ever with it. I have yet to open it. Im wondering if i could get your email to find out how much its worth. Id love to send you pictures etc.

  4. I just opened the box. The toys in perfect non played condition. Even the lil man hasnt been opened yet.

  5. I just opened the box. The toys in perfect non played condition. Even the lil man hasnt been opened yet.