Thursday, September 6, 2012

Definitely Dinosaurs

I bought one of these at a thrift store very cheaply with the idea of throwing it in my garage sale for slightly more.

Then I found more of them, and I bought those too.

Then when they didn't sell, I'm sure in part because the price I was asking was somewhat ridiculous, I bought some more.

Now I don't want to sell them because I find them pretty sweet. I think everyone should have a dinosaur line, and this one is mine.

An interesting side story, it's because of this toy line that I learned that humans and dinosaurs did not coexist. I remember being in a store when I was very young and commenting to my dad about how I found something about them sort of stupid. Then he said something along the lines of, "Yeah, dinosaurs were dead before there were people", and suddenly I had learn something.

Lastly, as much as I come across these guys pretty often I NEVER find any of the saddles for the dinos. It's becoming maddening, and I really hope I find some soon.

My collection so far:

 Tyrannosaurus Rex









?, Grak

 Zorg, ?



  1. i have the ultrasaurus for sale if your still collecting these toys. In good condition.
    Has some paints rub spot on legs, tails, and head.
    Legs and neck are still tight and holds pose.
    Stands 19" tall and is 30" long.

  2. Well, I might be. Shoot me an email @ and let me know what you want for him. I appreciate that ultra is a bit hard to find, but this line's also a "collect them as I come across them" thing for me. Shoot me an email though, hopefully we can work something out.