Friday, September 21, 2012

Masters of the Universe Literature

I've had a collection of scans of MOTU comic books on my Kindle for a while, but only recently have I started collecting the print stuff. There's something about the MOTU world that attracts me time after time, and I'd love to spread those stories to my kids some day.

So basically anything that has a story set in the classic 80's era of MOTU mythology, or is related in some way to that mythology, is fair game here. And there's a lot of it.

My collection so far:

Books about or related to MOTU:

 An amazingly thorough episode guide to the original Filmation series.

A book that explains why all the toys and cartoons of the 80's are tools of the devil. Even "Rainbow Brite".

MOTU Coloring and Activity Books:

I'll say that some of these have varying levels of use exhibited in them. All of the ones I have so far were bought from a single person who saved them from childhood, and while that person seemed very keen on keeping them nice, he also apparently liked stickers, mazes and word searches. 

MOTU Magazine:

These are very hard to find intact as they included some very nice posters in them that are often pulled out. I only want ones that are intact.

MOTU Story Books

MOTU Mini-Comics:

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