Monday, September 17, 2012

Great Adventures by Fisher Price

So my father used to work for Fisher Price, and he brought home a box of assorted loose toys from his office to give away as party favors at my sister's birthday party (she was about 8 at the time, I was 16).

In that box was a few of the Great Adventures knights, and I immediately thought they were the coolest things and snagged them for myself. I then added to that collection via the Fisher Price factory store, and later ebay, garage sales, etc. Fortunately since we live near FP's headquarters these things were everywhere and so for years you could barely hit a garage sale without finding them.

At one point I was trying to collect all of them, but I eventually abandoned the Cowboy and Pyramid lines. I had all of the Pyramid line but never really connected with it, and I'm not a Cowboy fan at all.

The knights and pirates though I love, and there are still several pieces I'm missing.

I haven't taken pictures of all the castles and boats, but I will in time. I have pretty much all of the large playsets and ships for these lines except the Robin Hood playset. Still missing several vehicles.

Also, it's very clear to me that "Star Wars Galactic Heroes" and "Marvel Super Hero Squad" figures totally ripped off this body style.

My collection so far:

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