Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fisher Price Sesame Street

For the sake of full disclosure I should say that my father worked for Fisher Price when I was young. As a result my house was absolutely filthy with FP toys. There are several collections that are or will be posted on this blog that are inspired by toys I got while he worked there.

Fisher Price Play Family figures, or as they're often known "Little People" are, in my mind, the prototype child's toy. They're so basic and fun and I had a ton of them as a kid. I didn't have the Sesame Street figures though as they came out before I was born.

I had often seen the Sesame Street playset at garage sales or collectibles stores, however it was often without any accessories, or the lithograph on the side was in horrible shape, so I didn't buy it for the longest time. Then one day at a small church rummage sale I bought the one below from an old lady which was absolutely packed with stuff. The handle was broken on one side, and the chalk board had crayon on it but the litho was in wonderful shape so I offered her $30 (a number that she was pleasantly surprised by).

The second playset is less cool, and I didn't really "want" it, but it was a decent price and it had one of the figures I needed. The figurines I've had amazing luck finding for very little money. The only two I'm missing now are Gordon and The Count. People keep telling me how not rare these figures are, but yet nobody seems to have them for sale around here. But, the hunt is half the fun.

There are a couple pieces I'm missing for the playsets too, but I feel pretty confident I'll find everything locally.

My collection so far:
 Play Family Sesame Street Playset

 I'm so very impressed with the above playset and the amazing attention to detail that I tried to jam my camera (well, phone) in and take a bunch of detail photos. Try to find anything outside of collectors toylines that gets that much love nowadays.

 Sesame Street Clubhouse

 Mr. Hooper, Susan

 Bert, Ernie

 Big Bird, Mr. Snuffle-upagus

 Prairie Dawn, Grover

 Sherlock Hemlock, Roosevelt Franklin

 Herry Monster, Cookie Monster

Oscar the Grouch

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